Terms & Conditions

These are our Terms & Conditions for Sales and Services. For our Terms & Conditions of Use (website) please click here.

For the purpose of this document and visitors to our website, “client” refers to customers of Everything Between Photography.

By booking with, and paying the Session Fee to Everything Between Photography, the Client enters into a contract and therefore agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions as detailed below,

These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied or altered unless agreed to, in writing by Everything Between Photography. Everything Between Photography reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel these Terms and Conditions at any time.



The session fee is taken at the time of booking, in full, unless otherwise agreed,  to confirm the sitting and for compensating the photographer for their time and skill during the session, pre and post session administration and delivery of the online gallery.

Sessions will not be booked or reserved without full receipt of the session fee via Credit Card or Debit Card.

Where dates have been discussed and agreed during conversations with an employees of Everything Between, but Payment has not been completed, the session is not reserved nor booked and may still be booked by another client.

The advertised “Complimentary Print/Image” included in some Session Fee’s is applicable only for New Clients. Repeat customers will be entitled to the free print when a CD package is purchased only. When a digital package is purchased by a new or repeat client, there is the option to upgrade the complimentary print to a digital image on ordering.

For FREE sessions and Competition Wins, a refundable deposit of £25 is taken, which is returned via the original payment method on completion of the shoot, or deducted from any subsequent purchase. Failure to complete the booked session will result in a loss of the deposit as compensation for the lost time.



The session fee in non-refundable in all circumstances where a client cancels with less than 7 days notice,  except in the event of cancellation by Everything Between Photography.

Where a Client postpones/wishes to reschedule, within 7 days of the session, including but not limited to, sickness,  change of client circumstances, the session fee will be retained by Everything Between photography as compensation for the loss incurred, and a charge of 50% will be applicable for the subsequent booking

The client is entitled to cancel with more that 7 days notice with a full refund. The refund will be processed with 5 working days.

Should a client arrive late to their session, by 30 minutes or more from the booked Start Time, The Photographer has the right to cancel/refuse the session and the Session Fee shall be retained by Everything Between Photography as compensation for the loss incurred.

Everything Between Photography cannot guarantee that a new session will be available or be offered to anyone who choses to postpone, or is cancelled due to lateness on the day of the session.



Everything Between Photography shall not be liable to the client for any failure, in whole or in part, to fulfil its obligations where failure arises as a result of an event or circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to, equipment failure, weather, traffic, illness or injury

Where the Photographer arrives late to a session, as a result of an event of circumstance beyond his control; Everything Between has no obligation to offer further session time past the original agreed appointment time. This is at the photographer’s discretion

The client understands and accepts that the photographic coverage will be as Everything Between Photography’s professional expertise determines. Client requests are not binding instructions although every effort is made to comply with the wishes.

If the Client fails to read any advised or supplied information from Everything Between, and therefore fails to carry out required preparation prior to a session where appropriate, Everything Between Photography shall not be held responsible for any resulting reductions in quality or quantity of images supplied.

Everything Between Photography does not guarantee the number of images produced during the session.

The Client understands that due to uncontrollable circumstances, including but not limited to willing participation of the subject, it may not be possible to capture the images the client may expect.

During Newborn Sessions, the poses, style and set up will be determined by the photographer, based on what they deem the most suitable for your babies mood and comfort levels and how well they settle. No guarantees will be made on specific poses.

The Client understands that booked sessions may not last for the advertised time. The photographer will capture what is possible with the willingness of the Subject. Everything Between will exercise their professional discretion when calling Time on the Session. Everything Between will not force an unwilling participate to model for longer than they are happy.

Cameras, Phone Cameras and Recording Equipment of any nature are not permitted during the session. Should a Client be found using such equipment, the Session will be drawn to an immediate conclusion.



Everything Between retains copyright and ownership of all images taken during the photoshoot. Editing or altering of the images in terms of style, colour, additions, subtractions, cropping or any other form of post-production or enhancement is not permitted

Everything Between reserve the right to use and exhibit the images wholly or in part for any purpose required, including, but not limited to; portfolio, display, advertising, marketing and editorial in a variety of print and digital formats.

Any digital images provided by Everything Between Photography are licensed to the Client for reasonable personal purposes including, but not limited to printing, enlarging, applying to presentation products or online publishing. The license does not include non-personal or profitable use including but not limited to commercial, editorial or advertising purposes, resale or competition entry, without the prior written consent of Everything Between.

The Client does not have the right to use or reproduce a print where a digital file with license has not been purchased.This includes, but is not limited to copying, scanning or photographing the print or subsequently distributing, printing or publishing online any such copies.

The Client is advised to purchase additional print and presentation products from Everything Between to guarantee print quality. The photographic equipment used by Everything Between and their partners throughout the capture and presentation process (including the camera, computer and printing machinery), are calibrated, colour matched and monitored to ensure consistent results.

Further printing or presentation of images supplied to you by Everything Between via non-affiliated print services is not recommended, as quality/consistency cannot be guaranteed. Print quality may vary as a result of poorly calibrated printing equipment, low-grade paper stock, or poorly trained staff. Everything Between accepts no responsibility for any dissatisfaction arising as a result of a Client using a printing service other than Everything Between.



Images shall be made available to the Client to view on a private password protected online within 3 days of the session. Log on details shall be sent via email. It is the client’s responsibility to contact Everything Between Photography should they believe the details have not been received.

For security purposes, images on the online gallery are watermarked, These can not be removed under any circumstances.

Any images found to be in use from the gallery will result in an immediate closure of the gallery and instant forfeit of all orders, including prepaid vouchers and inclusive package images.

The online gallery is available for a maximum of 7 days only and will be closed upon ordering during that period. Online Gallery Extensions may be requested at a charge to the Client of £5 per day, payable in advance,

Everything Between will not retain unordered images beyond this date, unless a gallery extension has been purchased.



Orders must be placed within 7 days of the session, It is the responsibility of the client to order within the correct time frame. A reminder may not be given.

Images that remain unordered after 7 days from the date of the session will be removed from all systems and wilL be unavailable for purchase. Inclusive package/promotion/voucher images shall also be forfeited when not requested within the 7 days.

Everything Between Photography shall use their professional judgment and discretion regarding the style and artistic input in the capture and post production of images,

Specific editing requests by the Client must be placed at the time of ordering, in writing. Verbal requests before/during/after a session will not be noted and should still be put into writing to be considered.

Specific editing requests will be accommodated where possible but cannot be guaranteed. The Photographer will exercise his professional discretion in all circumstances. Clients may not be notified of whether requests have been fulfilled prior to receiving final orders.

Proofs of the edited images are not provided unless requested

Further editing requests made after the point of ordering will be charged at a rate of £15 per image.



Complimentary prints will be received in 6×4″ print format unless otherwise stated/agreed. When other purchases are made the print will be upgraded to a digital image should the client wish.

Purchase of the images releases Everything Between Photography from any liability due to loss or damage of the images. Everything Between Photography is under no obligation to maintain copies of any digital image or photograph.

Everything Between shall retain final images for the duration of 6 months from completion.

Additional or replacement CDs may be provided by Everything Between at a charge of £10 per disk excluding P+P during this 6 month period.

Digital image packages will be supplied via Electronic Transfer using “wetransfer.com”. Alternatively a CD  can be provided; Please remember P+P will be charged.



Payment for products should be made on ordering, or within 24 hours of an invoice being received, unless otherwise agreed by Everything Between in writing. Failure to pay shall result in immediate cancellation of the order, forfeit of any complimentary prints and permanent deletion of all images

Where flexible payment plans are offered, a set date(s) for payment(s) will be agreed at the time of ordering. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in cancellation of the order and forfeit of any complimentary prints. Prior instalment payments will not be refunded.

The prices advertised do not include postage and packaging charges. Prints and CDs  are posted via Royal Mail Tracked for security purposes. Larger wall art items will require collection from the Studio at a mutually convenient appointment.

Prices are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Everything Between Photography


Images shall take up to 2 weeks to edit from the date of ordering, excluding carriage time.

The images are presumed to have been received in good condition unless the Client notifies Everything Between Photography in writing within 14 days of receipt.

Because the supply of the images has been made to the Clients personal specification, the Client does not have the right to a cooling off period. By placing an order with Everything Between Photography, the Client commits to buy that order, and all related images and presentation products

Returns are not available under any circumstance once Everything Between Photography has accepted an order.

Incorrectly supplied items or damaged items will be replaced at no extra cost the client, Incorrect or faulty items should be retuned to Everything Between Photography prior to it’s exchange, The Client it responsible for any costs associated with Return Postage.

Returns will not be considered for incorrectly ordered items.